All shows aired will be archived here for you to check - any time, anywhere.


Show #86 - September 2005
Up this month on the show we've got 2 hours of musical goodness for you all to enjoy including new music from Mike Boo, Rob Swift, First Rate, Alks (showcasing his new Unbeatable Labz record), Noisy Stylus, Alien Army, Eprom and Ntone as well as some old favourites and classics including ISPs, Amon Tobin & Plove and BNN. Next to all this there's an exclusive two part interview with DJ Vadim, Woody and Blu Rum aka One Self. The first interview covers the One Self album and live shows while part 2 sees Woody chat about his new record and the Vestax Controller 1 deck. Hand in hand with these we've got tracks from the One Self LP and a sampler from Woody's new forthcoming mix. And then we wrap up this month's show with an exclusive first listen of Operation Interference, the Cuts of Culture posse cuts featuring 10 of europe's finest, and a little live feature with showcases from France, Italy, Poland and the UK. So what are you waiting for?


Show #85 - July/August 2005
We've got a condensed 2 months show for you to check this month, not due to us living it large on some sun drenched beach during the summer but because we're hard at work on other Turntable Radio projects that you'll be finding about very soon. So tuck in this summer with a 2 hours show chock full of exclusive and never heard before tracks from the likes of D-Styles, Noisy Stylus (the world premiere of a new track from their forthcoming album), Grazzhoppa & Jabba Tha Cut, TGOS, The Crackhouse, 2tall, K-Delight featuring Kentaro, DQ, Dopey and many more. We've also got some tasty freestyles from Teddy, Dstyles, 2tall and Void and the usual assortment of favourites from around the world. And on top of that we've got an exclusive extract from the forthcoming Kentaro Solid Steel mix on Ninja Tune, another first. So don't wait go get stuck in and enjoy the rest of the summer!



Old Skool Show #2 - June 2005
Sparky T and MC Biggie are back with a brand new Old School Special for June (yeah we know we're a bit late!) featuring some more top quality tracks from back in the days. Up this month we've got Eddie B, DJ Man, Knights of the Turntable, Low Profile and the Scratch Perverts, with more NMS action this time from the 1986 edition featuring the battle between Jazzy Jeff and Chad Jackson and Jazzy Jeff and Barrie B. So strap your belts and join us in another time warp.



Show #84 - June 2005
Its boiling these days which means the summer is definitely here. So take some time away from the blustering heat and check Junes show which is full of brand new tracks and never heard befores. Or stick it loud while you lounge in the sun. This month we havent got any interviews but instead we bring you a big chunk of Troubls A journey into diggin mix, which sees the Frenchman cut, scratch and juggle his way through most of Madlibs back catalogue bringing together the originals Madlib sampled alongside the productions they became. Very tasty. And then we have a slew of tracks from around the world once more with brand new offerings from Ruthless feat. HOP, Brk & Pistolet in Poland, Mayonnaise, IEmerge, Baku in Japan, Radj feat. Ntone in Russia, Danny Breaks in the UK, 2tall, Captain Cavern in France and Grazzhoppa in Belgium. Weve also got Krush, Kodh, Toadstyle, Faust and Mista Ed stepping up, as well as the very tasty and excellent freestyle from the Bastard Language Tour DVD with D-Styles and Ned Hoddings cutting up for over 10 minutes. So grab a drink, lounge back and enjoy the summer and the show!



Old Skool Show #1 - May 2005
These shows are an extension of the Know Your Roots specials, which were presented by Trick when he was hosting the show and which were almost entirely culled from Sparky's collection and received great feedback. As such we thought it was only fitting to let Sparky handle the shows himself and bring to you a monthly look into the beginnings and progression of the tablist artform. You can expect more quality offerings every month with extracts from the NMS battles, rare live recordings, cuts from all the old school pioneers and much more! If you don't know much about the history of this artform then this is the perfect way for you to catch up on the history and if you thought you knew it all we can bet you'll probably still be surprised by Sparky's deep crates.



Show #83 - May 2005
It's been a year since our return on the digital airwaves, so we're bringing you a packed edition of the show to celebrate! With 2 hours of music from around the world we've got first appearances from Chainsaw Rich from Switzerland, DJ Baku from Japan, First Rate from the UK, Le Jad & Or D'Oeuvre from France and ADS from the US and Italy. On top of that we've got never heard before tracks from Low and Mart-1 in France, Wicked in the US, C-Mon & Kypski in Holland, 2tall in the UK (with a very special Beans remix), Tayone in Italy as well as offerings from NozL, Ricci Rucker, C2C and Astro. This month's interview features the one and only Rob Swift who speaks on his new album and the Mike Patton and X-Ecutioners collabo, this is followed by tracks from Rob's 'Sound Event' LP and from the Mike Patton vs X-ecutioners LP. And last but not least we bring you a very special 40min feature on Beatbox and DJ tracks with offerings from the around the world covering different genres, from classic hip hop to moody soundscapes, including Meta Bass & Breath (Australia), Mr Thing & Killa Kela (UK), Hype & Killa Kella (Germany/UK), Spit Kingdom Crew (UK), Uppercutz Crew (Germany), Neis, Rawone & Screws (Switzerland), Rob Swift vs Rahzel (US), Saian Supa Crew & HH DJ Crew (France). So no excuses not to get stuck in this month and come celebrate with us!



Show #82 - April 2005
We've got another packed show for you this month with a competition, two mini features and an interview, as well as the usual selection of tracks, old and new, from around the world. Stepping up this month we have offerings from the USA with DJ DNA, Nick Nack, Teeko and Dibbs, Belgium with Damented and Crossfingaz, Canada with Bullfrog, Puerto Rico with Nodfactor, Finland with Holik, Germany with Noisy Stylus, Rafik & Taim, Switzerland with Screwd and the UK with Discuss, Format and Quest & Square 1. This month's competition gives you the chance to win a double copy of Rafik's new break, 'Sucker Punching', and we have a quick chat with DJ Format about his scratching abilities as well as a mini feature on Cut & Paste and a mini feature on the forthcoming 'Waxfight: Worldwide turntablism' compilation. So plenty to get stuck in and on top of all that we also have a very special announcement about the future of the shows! Don't miss out people.



Show #81 - March 2005
This month's show is a bit of a special as we take a look at the 2004 ITF world finals and the brand new Xperimental category introduced at the German finals. So tune in this month for a whole load of ITF audio in our hour-long special including winning sets from Rafik (advancement & scratching cat.), Rasgunyado (juggling cat.) and Trafik (Xperimental cat.) as well as sets from Battlestar (team), Damented & Hara (advancement) and showcases from Pfel (C2C), Shortkut and Tigerstyle and Xperimental sets from the Germany finals courtesy of B-Ju and Juggleberry Spin. And in addition to our ITF special we also have an exclusive interview with Tigerstyle, Rafik & Pfel about their new collective live project and a ton of brand new audio including tracks from P Love, Pfel, Rafik, Animal Crackers, 2tall, Birdy Nam Nam, Coshmar, Fingathing and much more. To round all this off we've also got a 15 mins extract from the brand new Klever 'Sound Citizen' mix! Many thanks to Cori and Peter at ITF for their help.



Show #80 - February 2005
Rolling into the new year we bring you a beefed up show this month with some new and never heard before tracks from around the world including contributions from B.I.D.S.S in Holland, Dizzylez & KS, Coshmar & Need, C2C in France, Ricci Rucker and Craze in the States, Tayone in Italy and more in addition to some old favourites from the likes of Kid Koala, Fingathing, Audiomicid and Mr.Aul. On top of that we have an exclusive interview with Tony Vegas of the Scratch Perverts who talks to us about their new label, forthcoming LP and the music in general. We've also got a track from the Perverts new single, featuring Dynamite MC, and we round off February's show with another edition of our Live feature, looking at the live work of tablists around the world. This month the feature includes appearances from Lil Mike from BNN, 2tall, Alien Army, Skizo, Gunkhole, Blaze, Keepintime, Less = More and Klever. So forget the winter and tune into Turntable Radio!



Show #79 - January 2005
For the first show of the year we're rolling out with some exclusives and never heard before tracks from around the world including contributions from N-tone in Russia, Mike Boo in the States, Muzzel in the UK, Gero & Birdy Nam Nam in France and Tayone in Italy. In addition we've got an exclusive interview with Mixmaster Mike as well as a brand new track from him and a live mix, alongside our usual collection of tracks old and new from the likes of Hype feat. Mr Thing, Magic Mike, Revolution, Ricci Rucker, Ground Zero, Animal Crackers and Johnny Juice. And to start off the new year we've added a time mark feature to the playlist to help you navigate the show more easily.



Show #78 - December 2004 (part two)
To aid with everyone's recovery after the festive period we have put together a special retrospective mix of what happened on the scratch scene in 2004. The mix features tracks, freestyles, battle sets, mix snippets and more from the likes of the Animal Crackers, Cell Division, Astro, Cut Cannibalz, Kentaro, Waxfactor & Mista Ed, C-Mon & Kypski, Square 1, C2C, Fingerbangerz, Danny Breaks, Zeph & Quest, Flip, Mixmaster Mike, I-Emerge, Rafik, Blakey, 2tall, Taim, Crossfingaz & Lamont, Dr. Knubele, D-Styles, Ricci Rucker, Rogue, Matsa & Moth, A-Trak, B-Ju, Birdy Nam Nam, Smol Noize, Mr.Aul, Dj Shadow, Fingathing, Excess, Magician, DJ Wicked, Nick Nack, Jaycutz, Giant & Hentsix and the Chuck All Bros. All packaged into a neat 2h mix. We hope you enjoy it and see you in 2005! Note: January's show will be online in the first two weeks of the month instead of the 1st.

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Show #77 - December 2004 (part one)
To celebrate the end of the year we've put together a special two part show for you, with the first part following our usual format. To find out what the second part holds in store check the show and be sure to check the site a few days before xmas when part 2 will be made available. Part 1however has plenty in store for you including an interview with the one and only Jazzy Jeff and some audio from Jeff at the battle of the DJs in 87! We've also got some new tracks from DJ Void, Fingathing, Mike B, Loop, NozL, Saultee as well as tracks from D-Styles & Melo D, the Truth, Cut Cannibalz and more. To round off the first part of our end of year special we also have an exclusive mix from Canadian DMC world champ Dopey who drops 20 mins of niceness for you all to check! And don't forget to come back in 3 weeks!



Show #76 - November 2004
This month’s show takes in another round of new tracks from around the world including contributions from Skratch Commando in Spain, Astrix in Canada, Taim in Germany, King Tragic and the X-Ecutioners in the USA, Square 1 in the UK and Damented in Belgium. We’ve also got a track from Mixmaster Mike’s brand new LP Bangzilla and tracks from C-Mon & Kypski, Craze, D-Styles & Nicks and more. No interviews this month, but we continue our special feature looking at the live work of turntablists including performances from Birdy Nam Nam, Kid Koala (including the excellent Moon River routine), Rob Swift & Bill Laswell and the UK’s Quest, Timestretch and Square One.



Show #75 - October 2004
Rolling into the autumn, this month we bring you another bumper edition of the show, clocking at over 2 hours with two special features and a competition. Our first feature looks at the work of Texas based Nick Nack with tracks from his previous LPs as well as 3 tracks made using solely Nick’s new Soundscraftman record. The second feature is a DMC special, with the top 3 winning solo sets, the winning team set and some bonus audio from La Guilde and DJ Flip (ITF 2003 scratch champ). We top the DMC feature off with two interviews: one with Dopey from Canada and one with Flip from Ireland. These will be followed with another two interviews (featuring C2C and BNN) which will be available for download on the site in a week’s time! In between all this you get the regular servings of new tracks from the likes of Loop, Danny Breaks, Cell Division, Sparky T, NozL, Jabba Tha Kut, Thought Control and Kypski & Lah, all rounded with appearances from Fingerbangerz, Pone, Wicked and more.



Show #74 - September 2004
To kick off the autumn season in style we bring you a bumper edition of the show, with 2 hours of music for you to check out. This month we’ve got two special features, the first one looks at the work of 2tall in advance of his forthcoming LP, the Shifting Tides. In this feature we bring you an interview with the man himself and we follow that with music from the new album (including the excellent Rain pt2) as well as extracts from his forthcoming mix with DJ And called Diary of An Empty Day and we top that with more unreleased tracks from 2tall and a track from the live band he’s been working with, August. Our second special is the first in a series of features dedicated to looking at the different aspects of live ‘tablist’ performances. The first one includes performances from the likes of DJ Shadow, Scratch Perverts, Excess, The Lin and Nodfactor & Teeko. And we round off the whole thing with new tracks and exclusives from around the world including tracks by Uppercutz and B-Ju in Germany, Mike Boo, Zeph and D-Styles in America and Godfader in Puerto Rico. This is one show you do not want to miss!



Show #73 - August 2004
Stakes is raised once more as this month we roll out an unprecedented slew of exclusives for you to enjoy. Suono Movente, Dr Knubele, NozL and C-Mon and Kypski all make their TTR debuts, in addition to music from DJ Hype, TTC, The Truth, Shone and Shino, The Animal Crackers and more. But that is not all: we also have an interview with the one and only DJ Craze! Now come on, you gotta admit that's a dope show right there... Enjoy!



Show #72 - July 2004
This month we have plenty in store for you including an exclusive competition to win 1 one of 3 brand new break records from the Noisy Stylus crew, an interview with DJ Excess and the usual line up of quality tracks including exclusives from the likes of 2tall, Alien Army, Matsa and Moth, DJ Taim, Mr. Aul, DJ Idea and more as well as old favourites from Crazy B, D-Styles and Noisy Stylus. On top of all that we also have an exclusive live showcase from Eat my funk in February this year by Mr. Richie Kuts (Vinyl Richie, Mr. Brown and Silk Kuts), trust us you don't want to miss this one! So sit back and enjoy as Turntable Radio rolls into the summer.



Show #71 - June 2004
So after a few months’ silence Turntable Radio is back, and sporting an all-new presenter! Tune in this month for more of the usual and tons of the new, as we catch up with a fair amount of exclusives and never heard before tracks from the likes of Fingerbangerz, Alien Army, 2tall, C2C, Birdy Nam Nam and many more. Tracks this month come from all around the world, literally, including Hawaii, South Africa, Germany, France, UK, USA and Canada. Also we have an exclusive interview with A-Trak and some footage from his European tour last year. What are you waiting for?




Show #70 - aired 22nd February 2004
This is it then people: the last ever Turntable Radio. So as we ready ourselves for pastures new, we end this run of 70 shows with a special look back over everything that's aired with a special 60 minute mashup of the finest music, interview highlights, out-takes, fuckups and more. In addition Mr Trick selects his favourite tracks from the period that Turntable Radio has been on air, and closes things with a look at what's to come, courtesy of an exclusive new track from our old friend Mr 2tall. To celebrate our 70 shows and as a massive THANK YOU to all the listeners, this last show is also available in 2 formats: the regular 32k stream for the dialup heads, but also a 100k stereo stream for those of you rockin' the broadband. While we're sad to see the show end, rest assured this is a positive step and a necessary evolution for this artform and for us personally. To coincide with this, we also have a very special announcement: from the 6th of March, our new Rhythm Incursions show will be airing on nights, from 9.30 until 11 o'clock p.m.. So, make a note a and be sure to tune in for the all-new Saturday night takeover hosted by Mr Trick and Waxfactor. Thanks to everyone who has supported the show, be it by listening or by supplying music. Any show like this is only the sum of its supporters and contributors, and it speaks volumes that we became the largest show on Resonance FM - a station that (perhaps bizarrely) counts the likes of Radiohead, Chris Morris and Tony Benn MP as listeners! Here's to a bright future all - trust us, its lookin' rosy! PEACE!!!



Show #69 - aired 8th February 2004
The penultimate show! As we wind things down, Mr Trick selects some of his favourite cuts to air, along with some new treats for you to check and more news on the FINAL show!


Show #68 - aired 25th January 2004
On this week's show: music from the Hip Hop Slam CD "War: If It Feels Good, Do It", a brand new track from Hentsix, the first airing on the show of 2tall's track "Rain", a show debut for Madrid's Fatkut, some classic track action courtesy of the inimitable Mr Weak Sauce and much much more. All the latest from the world of scratching and tablism, and a smattering of classics thrown in for good measure. Get on it yo!!


Show #67 - aired 11th January 2004
This week we hit off with some bumpin' tracks to get things started. Alongside music from the likes of B-Ju, DJ Format, Toadstyle, DJ HOP and Fingathing are new or previously unplayed tracks from Kid Koala (live), Mike Relm, Ko-Wreck Technique and more. We also give a sneak peek into the new "Turntable Radio presents: Rhythm Incursions" show with a triple-header of tracks from Villain Accelerate, Machine Drum and Hive. Don't sleep!


Show #66 - aired 4th January 2004
Ahhh - the first show of 2004! Tune in to hear new tracks from 2tall & Timestretch (the brutal "Sith" collab), PrimHero & Mart-1, DJ Skilz and Jabba The Kut feat. Defiken. Also airing on the show tonight is music from Excess, Muzik Fiendz, B-Ju, Eddie Def, Netik and more...


Show #65 - aired 28th December 2003
As 2003 draws to a close we hooked up with a few of the UK's finest to round up what's gone on and generally look back on "the year in scratch". Mr Trick is joined by Truesicians 2tall, Blakey and Whut (recorded prior to the disbanding of the crew!), DJ Clockwork from the Drunken Masters and Monk-A from Needlework. Together the guys look back on the last 12 months, but also look ahead to 2004 and what might be in store... Don't miss!



Show #64 - aired 21st December 2003
This week we get our festive BI on to bring you possibly the finest Christmas mixtape ever made: "Season's Beatings" by J Squared, Hudson and Dave H. How dope is this mix? Well, put it this way: these guys are so thorough about their work they have even gotten a shoutout from Roy Wood of Wizzard! We could dribble on for a long time about the greatness of this mix (something we've done already on the news item below, we might add), but in the end all we can do is tell you to check it out, because this will most definitely get you in the seasonal spirit!


Show #63 - aired 14th December 2003
This week's show sees Mr Trick stepping up with a particularly fine hangover and a husky voice to match. Yes, it was the Needlework Christmas party last night, and things got messy. On the show though, we have a brand new piece by 2tall (created especially for the show), and we also caught up with the Tall one and Square One for a quick interview after their appearance at the Resonance FM "Advent Garde" night. Also airing tonight is a live track from Kid Koala (a live version of a remix of someone else's track, no less!), Vinyl Style, DJ Pone, DJ Noize, Slynkee, Mums Best, Jazzy Jeff and more... Don't miss!



Show #62 - aired 7th December 2003
This week we take a step into the diverse with a look at the West Coast Underground; the music being made in and around the Bay Area that sees tablists collaborating with other musicians on projects that are perhaps a little more left-field... or maybe just less hip hop oriented in their style.So - tune in to hear music from the likes of Gonervill, El Stew, Live Human, Praxis, Freak Brothers and more... Think you've heard all the permutations of tablism and scratch-related music? Think again!


Show #61 - aired 30th November 2003
This week we bring you a host of fine tunes, including live audio from two former Skratch Piklz: D-Styles and Q-Bert. In addition we have tracks from Eddie Def, Jazz Addix, Def Tex feat. Plus One, Melo-D and more.

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Show #60 - aired 23rd November 2003
This week we dedicate the entire show to Kid Koala to celebrate his hitting town with the Short Attention Span Tour, not to mention the release of his latest LP "Some of My Best Friends Are DJs", out now on Ninja Tune. We hooked up with Koala and P-Love last Tuesday after their London gig at Dingwall's, and the interview proved to be an engaging one, with both DJs proving to be highly articulate speakers on the artform of turntablism and its perception by Joe Public. As well as interview action though, you can expect to hear part of the legendary "Scratchcratchatchatch" mixtape, not to mention a live snippet that has now come to be a legendary part of Koala's set: his rendition of "Moon River". We also unveil the new release from P-Love - a 7" single collaboration with Sixtoo entitled "Fop Lights". In addition to all this Koala-related activity we also announce the winner of the 2tall "The Rise EP" signed test pressing.


Show #59 - aired 16th November 2003
85 minutes seems a long time, but dammit it runs short when you have this much stuff to cram in. Check out the show to hear 20 minutes from the Hip Hop Slam camp, recorded especially for the show, not to mention a further 20 minutes of ridiculously nice audio taken from last week's Needlework night, where Muzzell plain ripped the place apart with his cuts. Not enough? Then we also have a contest to win a signed test pressing of 2tall's "The Rise EP", one of only five in existence... and with Blakey and the Tall one currently wearing the other four out completely, it may well soon be the only playable copy in the world. Check it all out people - you'd be crazy not to...


Show #58 - aired 9th November 2003
This week its another Turntable Radio Takeover as the German DMC champions Noisy Stylus step up to present the show. Sit back, relax and enjoy as Tre Styles, Adlib, Tobeyer and Dynamike taking you on their own tour of tablism; routines, freestyles, new tracks and more are in the mix, so as ever, don't sleep!


Show #57 - aired 2nd November 2003
TThis week we bring you the highlights of last week's ITF UK Advancements battle. Stepping up to represent are the likes of Tigerstyle, Matman, 2Tall, Silk Kuts, Muzzell and more. In addition there are also showcases from DJ Woody and M-Rock from Canada's Funky Teknicianz. With Tigerstyle now voted on this very site as hot favourite to take the Allies' Beatdown world title (taking place this coming Friday @ Fabric) there is no question that the quality of skills on display here are world class...
Many thanks to Vinyl Richie from ITF UK for the audio.


Show #56 - aired 26th October 2003
This week we take a break from the usual format to do another mixtape special, focussing for the first time on one individual: the one and only Spinbad. What's to say about Spinbad? The guy makes mixtapes like he was born to do it, with the likes of his "Spinbad Rocks The Casbah" mix passing into legend already. If you are looking to prove just how dope the art of a mixtape can be, then this guy could well be your trump card. So, rolling out are excerpts from: Rocks The Cashbah (80s mix part 1), Revenge of Spinbad (80s mix part 2), Cold Cutz Remixes and last but not least, ALTurnatives. Trust us, if you've not heard these before you are in for a real treat!


Show #55 - aired 19th October 2003
Its tunes galore this week as we drop tracks by the likes of Mixmaster Mike, Mr Dibbs & Jake Keeler, Shortee, Shone & Shino, Solestar, Kid Koala, Space Travellers, O-Dog, Backdraft and more. We also debut a track from Turntable Slugs - our first track submission from Russia! Plus extensive news on upcoming shows, including the ITF special feat. M-Rock airing on the 2nd November. Get on it!


Show #54 - aired 12th October 2003
This week we dig deep into the tablist music archives to roll out a fine selection of tracks for you to enjoy, so of which make their first appearance on the show, and some of which you've not heard for a long time. Premiered on the show is the brand new track from Jabba Tha Kut & Wax Buzzard feat. DJ Skully - an advance taster of their forthcoming guests-a-plenty LP. Also on the are: Beyond There, Nutsons, El Stew, DJ Faust, DJ Prolifix, Optimas Prime and some dope freestyle audio pieces from the Needlework night, one of which is a fine Q&A between Allies' European Beatdown and UK DMC 3rd placer DJ Daredevil and UK DMC champion DJ Quest. Crank up the stereo and enjoy!


Show #53 - aired 5th October 2003
Back from holidays and feeling all recuperated Mr Trick returns with a fine selection of dope tunes for you to check. Maybe it was having the week off, or maybe it was just a case of finding tracks that we realized hadn't been played... either way, there's a lot of dope music for you to enjoy this week. We have, airing for the first time, tracks from: DJ Giant & Hentsix, Freak Bros. (feat. DJ Flare), Live Human, DJ Radar, Mike B and DQ from the Animal Crackers and much, much more. Listen out also for a dope Joe Cooley megamix that we forgot we had - sick ish you don't wanna miss!


Show #52 - aired 28th September 2003
With Mr Trick away on holiday, UK DMC champions the Truesicians step into the presenter's chair to takeover Turntable Radio. Expect exclusives, live routines, discussion of the latest poll from the website and much, much more. Also premiered is the brand new track from German DMC champs Noisy Stylus, "Stick Em Up". DJ Clockwork from The Drunken Masters also stops by for a chat, and Daredevil unveils a brand new track just for you. Don't sleep yo!


Show #51 - aired 21st September 2003
This week we have 2 very dope treats for you. First up, DJ Kentaro is dropping an exclusive 40 minute mix to celebrate his hitting the UK on tour (see our site for tour dates). This is a bit of a departure for us, simply because as well as dropping his usual juggles and cuts, Kentaro will also *gasp* be playing some hip hop tracks and other gems for you all. OK, so the tracks themselves aren't turntablism... but the way they're being fucked with sure is! Our second treat comes courtesy of Lamont, who has kindly given us 2 double sets of his excellent new "Unknown Break Project" battle weapon to give away. In addition to these two treats we also have music from the likes of DJ Giant and Hentsix, Develop from The Allies, Teck Another, DJ Immortal and more. Don't miss!


Show #50 - aired 14th September 2003
This week we celebrate our FIFTIETH show with the Listener's Poll: the top ten tracks as voted for by you the listeners, drawn from a list of 50 tracks played on the show since we started. In addition to this we have Mr Trick's personal Top Five, and we also celebrate the wins of Tigerstyle and the C2C crew, and also find time to debut tracks from DJ Giant & Hentsix and DJ Tyrant. Who tops the listener's poll? Tune in to find out!


Show #49 - aired 7th September 2003
This week Resonance FM are airing the LMC Festival live over the entire weekend, and thus show 49 is gonna be a web only one. This however, is no bad thing, cuz it gives us an excuse to do something a little bit special just for those of you all over the world who tune in online. So - what do we have coming up this week? Well, we're taking a fairly radical format change by stepping back and letting the music speak for itself. On our view the one problem with radio can be that with a show like Turntable Radio you're obliged to provide information for people - artist names, track titles, news etc. This is all well and good, but the one downside is that you cannot get an uninterrupted flow of dope music that you can really enjoy, free of someone's voice ruining your moment in the zone. So, for one week only we're presenting to you a whole pile of dope tracks, arranged together as a kind of mix that you can crank up and enjoy over and over. Expect exclusives. Expect at least 2 World Exclusives. Expect interview snippets from the likes of Dibbs and D-Styles. Expect the unexpected. More than anything though, just crank up those speakers and enjoy 80 minutes of uninterrupted music - for that is what this show is all about: MUSIC.


Show #48 - aired 31st August 2003
On this week's show we roll out a fiiiine selection of tunes. Airing for the first time are tracks from: Jabba The Kut feat. Mr Thing, with their excellent "Double Bombing" track, Portland's DJ Wicked, DJ HOP, El Stew, with a track taken from the very rare "The Rehearsal" LP, Fingathing, Mista Ed (live at Needlework) and more. On top of that we have tracks from D-Styles, the Allies, an old one from Excess taken from his "Tasty Treats and Beats" mixtape, Quad Damage, Daredevil and more. Do not miss!


Show #47 - aired 24th August 2003
We have a plethora of dope stuff to lay on you. First up we have a first for the show: a live session, courtesy of Vinyl Style. Yes, UK Supremacy champ (and soon-to-be World Supremacy contender) Tigerstyle and UK ITF pointperson Vinyl Richie will be performing a 15 minute showcase of tracks from their forthcoming, as-yet-unnamed LP. Having heard the showcase once before (at the last Needlework) we can assure you this is one not to miss. As well as this we have 2 brand new tracks from the Animal Crackers taken from their forthcoming LP "National Geoplastic". Not content with a new LP, the Crackers also have a new battle weapon "Vanilla Hater Breaks", and we have 2 copies to give away to one lucky winner. On top of a dope live session and new AC material, we also have new tracks from the UK's Jabba The Kut, Timestretch, DJ Skilz and a live DMC piece from Manila Ice over in Texas.


Show #46 - aired 17th August 2003
This week we roll out a host of new tracks for your listening pleasure - most notably a very special advance airing of two tracks from Kid Koala's forthcoming LP "Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs!": the forthcoming single "Basin Street Blues" and unfeasibly dope "Skanky Panky", a track already set to rate as one of this year's finest. In addition to this, we also have a track by Twisted Nerve artist Sirconical that features current Vestax World Champion DJ Woody - and this one is so new it ain't even got a title yet! Add to that new tracks from Timestretch, Wristmaster, Sirness, Daredevil & Sneakee and Craze & Klever and you have a fine selection of dope tracks to check out. Don't sleep people!


Show #45 - aired 10th August 2003
On this week's show we celebrate the release of two the Ill Technics LP and the 50 DJs part 2 mixtape by looking at country which comprises the talent on both these compilations: Germany. Germany has long been a hot-bed of tablist activity, with probably only France or the UK rivalling for sheer talent on this side of the Atlantic. So, we dedicate this whole show to looking at this talent, with the likes of Noisy Stylus, M-Tech, Mums Best, Sqratch Pimps, Cut Cannibalz and many, many more all lining up to appear. With a diverse range of styles and moods on display, this is a show you don't wanna sleep on. In addition to this we give you a taster of the excellent 50 DJs 2 tape by airing 20 minutes of it - and believe us, once you hear it you'll be wanting to hook yourself up a copy...


Show #44 - aired 3rd August 2003
On this week's show we take a step back in time to air a retrospective of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz practice tapes. For those that don't know, these were seminal releases for anyone learning to cut, with a variety of Piklz members and special guests airing their practice jams - all recorded live in one take. In 1997 if you wanted to see the way forward with scratching, this was probably the place you'd look. So, sit back as we bust out slices from: "Pharaohs of Funk", "Zorlafenfu", "Hotsauce In The Dickhole", "Underarms R Fun", "Wash Yer Butt", "Stylus Wars" and "Bucktooth Wizards". If you're new to tablism these are another history lesson; if like us you were there first time round, this is a real trip down memory lane... Enjoy!


Show #43 - aired 27th July 2003
Coming up on this week's show we have first-time airings for Excess, Dopey, DJ Whut, Clockwork, SamSaScratch, DJ K$, Short-e, Stumpy and more... not to mention tracks from the ISPs, DJ Skilz, Daredevil, DJ Atom, Mums Best, DJ Troubl... man, the list is endless! In addition to this we really challenge our listeners by airing a trio of tracks from Christian Marclay and Otomo Yoshide, two artists who define themselves as turntablists, but do not manipulate the vinyl - at least, not in the sense we all know and love. These guys are more in the realms of the avant-garde, modifying decks to have 3 tonearms all playing different parts of the same 12", replacing styli with other parts and generally modifying both the vinyl and the turntable to produce the desir d results. The music itself is pretty challenging, but we felt people should hear this, simply because these guys are essentially cut from the same cloth as tablists. Anyways, tune in and check it out - fingers crossed it will be an eye opener!


Show #42 - aired 20th July 2003
This week we proudly present our second ever Hip Hop Slam "Scratch Attack" special. Yes, Billy Jam and the crew take over for 75 minutes of madness, featuring live cuts, routines, jams and more from Impereal, Pone, Cutso, Teeko, T-Rock, Spair, Platurn among others, PLUS a world premiere of "Give It To You Live" by the Fingerbangerz, taken from their forthcoming LP "Virus". Recorded especially for you lucky listeners, this is one show you do not want to miss - not least because it features Pone doing quite possibly the worst Tony Prince impersonation ever unleashed upon mankind. Listen out for it - if you wondered what TP would sound like if he was Jamaican, now's your chance to find out! Much props to Billy and the rest of the team though for putting together another classic show; we're already looking forward to the next one!


Show #41 - aired 13th July 2003
This week we hook up with Coco B and S Wave of the new 2003 Dutch ITF champions the SampleMoveMen. These guys are a rarity in turntablism today: people who concentrate solely on the music and the use of the turntable as a musical instrument. Not heard of them? Trust us, in time you will. Outspoken and always original, they represent the next level of what is happening in turntablism today. Don't believe us? Well for quick proof, check out the show and the live jazz drums freestyle dropped by Coco B alongside DJ 2Tall. If that doesn't make the point, nothing will. So, tune in for an interview that is both refreshing and engaging, as the guys outline their views on turntablism, music, style, originality and more. As well as this we air part of the showcase they dropped at last week's Needlework night here in London, as well as freestyles taken from the post-DMC Needlework all-day skratch BBQ. With rumours of an EP to drop sometime later this year, this is your advance warning: these guys are ones to watch. Miss at your peril!


Show #40 - aired 6th July 2003
On this week's show we celebrate the UK DMC final by airing a load of audio from its contenders. We have Tigerstyle's Battle for Supremacy winning set, along with freestyles, tracks and routines from new UK DMC champ DJ Quest, 2nd placer Blakey, 3rd placer Daredevil and finalists Scarfade and 2Tall. In addition to this we also have the 1st and 2nd place sets from this year's WSTC battle, courtesy of I-Emerge and 2Tall respectively. Add to that music from Excess, Ricci Rucker, Vinyl Style, DJ Skilz, DJ Atom and more and you have a show NOT to be missed.


Show #39 - aired 29th June 2003
For show number 39 we take a breather from the regular format to do another mixtape special - part 2 of our Bullet Proof Space Travellers review. So, coming up will be excerpts from DJ Quest's "Mutationmann" mix, DJ Marz's "Brain Language" CD and Eddie Def's "Wax People" CD. All 3 illustrate just why these guys are so respected in their field, demonstrating both a mean mixing and compositional ability. Bear in mind that all 3 CDs that these mixes/mix compilations are taken from are available online at the Hip Hop Slam store, so take advantage of dope exchange rates and grab yours now! Check out the Hip Hop Slam store for prices and availability.


Show #38 - aired 22nd June 2003
On this week's show we go Q&A crazy. Yes, we have a pile of sick Q&A sessions lined up to air tonight, the majority of which come from the last Needlework night here in London, where the cream of the UK's tablist talent stepped up to cut. So, coming up we have: Blakey & Scarfade, 2tall & Timestretch, Daredevil & Quest, Daredevil & Dixie and even a session from 2 DJs we know nothing about - Odin and Antony. To add to this we also air a rare Q&A betweem the Steel Devils' Jazz T and our own tabist historian of repute, Sparky T. Add to this new tracks from Mista Ed, Astro, Holik & Client15, Quad Damage, DJ Ragz feat Boom along with rare joints from Babu, DJ Klever, Optimas Prime and more, and you have another fine 85 minutes of tablist entertainment.


Show #37 - aired 15th June 2003
On this Sunday's show we have a real treat lined up for you all. We caught up with Mr Dibbs on the Atmosphere UK tour and got an incredible interview from him. Topics covered include: EXCLUSIVE news on his next FIVE releases, EXCLUSIVE news on the forthcoming 1200 Hobos LP, a detailed breakdown of who exactly is in the 1200 Hobos crew, his influences and background, his future plans, his own views on his style and approach to music ... and MUCH more! So - do we need say what we're gonna? DO NOT MISS THIS PEOPLE! We have an interview rammed full of exclusive news for you, not to mention a load of other interesting shit (Dibbs - married???) that we're pretty sure you won't know already. Spread the word yo - this show is sick. Much thanks to Crush Whore and Jay Bird for the hook ups.


Show #36 - aired 8th June 2003
This week we bring you part two of our "Know Your Roots" specials, looking at the history of turntablism and the DJ track. Expect tracks from: DJ Cheese, DJ D-Zire, Grand Wizard Theodore, CJ Mackintosh, Original Concept, DJ David (yes - THAT DJ David... remember him?!), Red Alert, Magic Mike, Mr Mixx and much much more. As was the case with our first Know Your Roots show, the majority of these tracks come from the personal collection of our good friend Sparky T, who has collected damn near every notable DJ track in existence (and we ain't kidding - do YOU own the CJ Mackintosh scratch remix of Sly and Robbie's "Boops" track?!). So, expect a good smattering of treats you never heard before, or ignored when they touched down. Just like the first Know Your Roots show, this is a treat and a lesson for those of you who have only been into tablism for a few years - we're peelin' all the way back to the late seventies and unearthing shit even the most ageing of b-boys missed first time round! So - step up and get educated...


Show #35 - aired 1st June 2003
As some of you may be aware, Bomb Hip Hop are now inviting submissions for their Return of the DJ 5 release. With that in mind, this week we celebrate the RotDJ releases to date (described by Spin Magazine as #25 in their "The 90 Greatest Albums of the 90's" in their Sept. 1999 issue) with a selection of the finer tracks that have appeared. More importantly though we also take this opportunity to pitch the tracks we here at Turntable Radio think should be on the compilation. So, get ready as we roll out the finest unreleased, unsigned tablist material out there and aim it squarely at the ears of Dave Paul - Bomb's owner and A&R head. We have contacted Dave and have even gotten Billy Jam from Hip Hop Slam to phone him and make sure he tunes in, so we KNOW he's gonna be checking this out. Here at Turntable Radio more than 70% of the playlist is unreleased, unsigned material. So, with that in mind we feel its about time we tried to effect some change by getting these fine tunes exposed directly to A&R men. So - tune in and revisit some of the all-time classic DJ/Turntablist tracks from the Return of the DJ comps, and also check out the new breed of tablists who we feel should be appearing on volume 5.


Show #34 - aired 25th May 2003
On this week's show we bring you brand new tracks from DJ 2Tall, DJ Giant, Donnie Darko & Turkey Pastry, The Stereotypes and Mum's Best (aka M-Tech and Man-At-Arms). For our old-skool segment we continue our look at the Champion battles (following on from the Jazzy Jeff vs Wiz Kid battle last week) with Chad Jackson vs DJ Cheese. Bet you can't guess who clean steals that one! On top of all this we step up with audio from Vinyl Style, Descry & System, Mixmaster Mike, Mass Influence and more. Following an announcement of a collaborative record in the works we also have some rather interesting audio of Mike Patton from Faith No More live on stage with the X-ecutioners. Trust us, checking that one out is an experience!


Show #33 - aired 18th May 2003
On this week's show we premiere the brand new material from Vinyl Style, the group comprised of Vestax UK finalist Tigerstyle and UK ITF pointperson Vinyl Richie. We also give an advance airing of a collaboration between Ninja Tune's Amon Tobin and P-Love, taken from the forthcoming LP "Remixes and Collaborations". Our old skool section this week expands slightly to air in full the Champion Records battle bonus disc featuring Jazzy Jeff and DJ Wiz Kid. Trust us this is a real treat - especially for the ageing b-boys among us. Special thanks to Sparky T for supplying this gem! In addition to all this we have tunes from Rob Swift, Eddie Def, Birdy Nam Nam, PrimHero and Mart-1, Troubl, Slynkee and much more... As ever people, don't sleep!


Show #32 - aired 11th May 2003
This week we proudly bring you a WORLD EXCLUSIVE track from the current Allies' Beatdown Champion, France's DJ Troubl, entitled "Insomnia". Anyone who has heard this guy will not want to be missing this, we can assure you. As well as this we have 3 tracks back-to-back from the Welsh Optimas Prime crew, and we also have another exclusive from Dirt of the Audiomicid crew, who steps up with his "Phlegmatic Emotions" track. Our old skool track this week comes from Schoolly D's DJ, Code Money, and we also have music from Waxfactor, Fog, Q-Bert, Mr Dibbs, SamSaScratch, Andy from Mobb Beep and much much more... Any which way, don't miss people!


Show #31 - aired 4th May 2003
On this week's show we have a fine selection of tasty new treats for you. Brand news cuts from: Slynkee, Timestretch/Benjamin/Nerve, Waxfactor, Perfeckshawn & Cheeba Don, Astro and B-Ju from the Scratch Pimps. On top of this we have tracks from DJ Happee, Mr Dibbs, Backdraft, Coco B Ware, Netik, Quad Damage and also an airing in full of Skully's DMC set from last year. We also step back in time with a solo cut from DJ Man, better known back in the day as DJ for MC A.D.E. and MC Shy D. Wall to wall dope tunes this week people - don't sleep!


Show #30 - aired 27th April 2003
To commemorate our 30th show, this week we bring you in association with Sparky T the "Know Your Roots" special. As you are all aware we have been taking a look at some of the old skool originators of Turntablist/DJ tracks, airing stuff from the likes of Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Jazzy Jeff, Chris "The Glove" Taylor and more, in a bid to highlight the origins of the fine artform this radio show celebrates. This week though, we up the ante and hand over a whole show to look at the originators of this artform, including some names people may well have missed (DJ Butcher anyone?). So - get comfortable people: for the ageing B-Boys mongst us this is a chance to take a trip down memory ane... and for those spring chickens tuning in, class is about to begin.


Show #29 - aired 20th April 2003
This week we bring a host of treats to the table for you all: we have an exclusive excerpt of DJ Quest's excellent "Mutationmann" mix CD, new tracks from Spain's Tres and Germany's Backdraft, as well as rare freestyles and tracks from Dee Swift, Mr Dibbs, Aliosity and El Stew. As part of our weekly look back the old skool DJ tracks, we this week air the mighty Joe Cooley, repping with Rodney O on the 1988 classic "DJs and MCs". Its another show not to miss people, so get on it!


Show #28 - aired 13th April 2003
This week we switch to our mix format to bring you 3 mixes that we consider as much missed, or much slept on. As far as we know, none were commercially available and thus all are most definitely worth checking out as bona fide lost classics. So, we are proud to bring you: "Balance" by noted Irish DJ/Producer/tablist Troubled Soul, "Profilin'" by DJ T-Rock (listed as one of Billy Jam's favourite mixes of 2002) and the awesome DJ-Styles vs DJ Shadow mix that was a promotional item for the superb online store HipHopSite.com. Trust us, all 3 mixes are incredible, each representing a very different flavour and approach in turntablist mixing. Don't sleep yo!


Show #27 - aired 6th April 2003
This week we celebrate the release of the Scratch Attack 3 compilation on Hip Hop Slam by airing several tracks from the CD along with a host of other Hip Hop Slam "Scratch Attack" gems. Expect sick audio from the likes of Alien Army, D-Styles,Q-Bert, Pone, Snayk Eyez, Kid Ginseng, Cutso Spair and Stoic, Shing02 and more...We are also giving away 3 dope Hip Hop Slam-related goodies: a copy of the new Scratch Attack 3 comp, a copy of the DJ TV video and also a copy of the awesome "History of the Hip Hop DJ vol.1" - a collection of tracks celebrating the birth and development of the DJ/Turntablist track. Internet entries are welcome for these contests too, so if you are in another country you may still enter. Don't sleep yo! On top of all this we have some unmissable audio from last Thursday's Needlework night, which featured the deck skills of Daredevil. This guy has styles for miles - and we have the audio to prove it.


Show #26 - aired 30th March 2003
This week we unearth some gems from the TTR collection, including an Aliosity track we'd long since forgotten, and a VERY rare freestyle from Dee Swift and Awkward. For the first time in a few weeks we also step WAY back in time to visit the original scratch masters: the DJs who paved the way with seminal tracks that influenced the scene we so love today. So, this week we roll out a VERY old cut courtesy of DJ Tat Money. Don't miss! Also up this week are tracks from: Alien Army, Asup, Mr Dibbs, Netik, Truesicians, DJ Pone, Birdy Nam Nam and much much more. We also have hot news about DJ 2Tall's 2nd scratch beats CD "The Earwax Legacy" - but more on this in a separate announcement... So once again crank up the volume, sit back and get stuck in. Enjoy!


Show #25 - aired 23rd March 2003
On this week's show we celebrate the Bomb Hip Hop tour hitting the UK by airing as the centrepiece of our show a classic mix by DJ T-Rock and DJ Faust. "My Trip To Planet Earth" dates back to 1998, and has proven itself to stand the test of time as one of the finer scratch mixtapes ever made. So, tune in and find out why we're raving about this so much - missing it would be extremely ill-advised! Also on the show we have music from the likes of Asup, Finatik, Rip One, Audiomicid, Blakey, Rasp, Scratchaholics and more, as well as hot news from the Hip Hop Slam camp. So, as ever its another fine selection of freestyles and tracks, and this time with 30 mins of the finest mixtape action slapped right in the middle like the finest filling. Step up people - Turntable Radio is served!


Show #24 - aired 16th March 2003
On this week's show we roll out another fine selection of tunes, airing for the first time tracks from the likes of Optimas Prime, DJ Giant, Innernational, Babu and more. Also getting an airing are: Mr Dibbs, Triple Threat, Astro, Birdy Nam Nam, DJ Vajra, Cut Cannibalz, Mike Hektik and Chill Shorty, DJ Stylewarz, DJ Revolution and much much more. In short: wall to wall sick scratch tunes, and as ever this is another show not to be missed... Enjoy!


Show #23 - aired 9th March 2003
This week we proudly bring you not one but TWO world exclusives, courtesy of Mr Dibbs and the Finger Bangerz. To celebrate the release of Dibbs's new LP "The 30th Song" we bring you 3 tracks from the album, all of which are stupidly nice. On top of that, we have the brand new track Use Your Head" from Cali's Finger Bangerz crew, and trust us, this track is HOT. On top of the exclusives we have the brand new track from Triple Threat ("Tha Cypha", feat. Roc Raida and Rob Swift), another newie from Astro, this time showcasing one HELL of a metal tip, and cuts galore courtesy of DJ Stylewarz, Mike C, Q-Bert, Scratch Pimps, Kaptain Kut, Fade Wizard, D-Styles & Flare and much more. We also dig into the battle archive, airing the 1994 DJ Noize vs DJ 8-Ball match, where Noize dishes up a beating like you never heard before... All in all, its another killer show for you to crank up loud and enjoy. Spread the word people!


Show #22 - aired 2nd March 2003
This week we flip things slightly by looking at DJs within a band structure. With the massive developments in turntable technique in recent times the focus has very much been on making an entire track using just the turntables. Hence we thought this week we would look at those DJs who are integrating their art into a traditional band structure - not as "the guy at the back" but as a full member of the band. So, sit back and get ready to hear audio treats from the likes of El Stew (feat. Eddie Def), Live Human (feat. DJ Quest), Praxis (feat. Mixmaster Mike and DJ Disk) and Disk's own PhonopsychographDISK band, live in concert and in full swing. On top of this we have a fine selection of sick tracks for you to enjoy... We got the highly technical end covered with tracks courtesy of Ned Hoddings, M-Tech, D-Styles and Flare and Toadstyle. We got the beat-driven tracks courtesy of Jeep Beat Collective, Crazy B and DJ Troubl. We got the leftfield tracks courtesy of Ko Wreck Technique and the bands named above. We got a brand new track courtesy of Welsh tablists Optimas Prime... and lastly we got some sick tracks that have been submitted courtesy of Chrisgroove, DJ Fade Wizard and the Cut Cannibalz. All in all people, this show kicks harder than a Jiu Jitsu blackbelt on crack - miss it and live a life in regret.


Show #21 - aired 23rd February 2003
On this week's show we return to our usual format with a truckload of dope tunes for your listening pleasure. Centre stage of the show is Astro from the Ambidextroyers, an upcoming talent from the USA who is already showing himself to be a skilled musical tablist. Alongside his triple threat will be cuts and freestyles from: Waxolutionists, Lil' Mike from Birdy Nam Nam, Toadstyle, M-Tech, El Stew, DJ Disk, the Stereotypes, Spinbad & JS-1, Craze, Flare and much much more. Also on this show we will be making an exclusive announcement regarding a forthcoming CD from DJs M-Tech & Man At Arms. Trust us people, you don't wanna miss it!


Show #20 - aired 16th February 2003
When we aired our first mixtape special - looking at the work of the 1200 Hobos crew - we received a load of emails both praising the airing of the mixes and also criticising our choices of mix for each DJ. So, tonight we reprise the special with part 2 of our look at the Hobos, staying with the original DJs of choice (Mr Dibbs, DJ Signify and Marcus B) but airing a different mix from each. There can be little question that the output from the 1200 Hobos crew comprises some of the finest mixtape releases to date, and tonight we strengthen that argument with 30 minutes each from Mr Dibbs' "Turntable Scientifics", DJ Signify's "Signifyin' Breaks" and Marcus B's extremely hard to find "Catastrophic Mush" mix. Think you know the art of a dope mixtape? Listen to this, then think again!


Show #19 - aired 9th February 2003
This week we step up the the airwaves armed with a fine selection of tracks, a lot of them rooted more in the hip hop sound than usual (well - we think so, but feel free to disagree). Centre stage of the show tonight is 3 tracks from DJ T-Rock's LP "Sikinthehed", something of a lost masterpiece of an album thanks to the album's distributors going bust only days after its release, meaning most copies never got to stores. Showing significant development on from T-Rock's "Who's Your Daddy" LP, this is something everyone needs to hear. Also on the show we have tracks from: Revolution, Mr Dibbs, Birdy Nam Nam, DJ Vadim feat. Plus One, Nextmen feat. Tony Vegas and Prime Cuts, Alien Army, Astro, Fingathing feat. DJ Noize, plus very important news regarding the future of the show. Tune in people - you can't miss this!


Show #18 - aired 2nd February 2003
This week Turntable Radio turns its attention to the French turntablist scene, airing tracks from the likes of DJ Pone, Netik, Troubl, SamSaScratch, Crazy B, DJ Mouss, Turntabl Spirits, Audiomicid (feat. DJ Kodh) and more. Most importantly though, we are proud to air another WORLD EXCLUSIVE - this time courtesy of reigning DMC Team champions Birdy Nam Nam. The track, "From Here To There", has to be heard to be believed: think dub style beats and crafty turntable melodies and you're only halfway there. This one has been on permanent rotation since we got it - superb! Also on air this week are: Astro, Revolution, DJ Idea, Q-Bert, Craze, Scarfade, Mista Ed, Stylewarz, Short-e, Phaderheadz, Mixmaster Mike and more... As ever, this shit ain't to be missed people!


Show #17 - aired 26th January 2003
This week we sit down with the Truesicians, one of the UK's finest tablist crews, to chat about their history, their views, their music and much more. Alongside this we have freestyles, a skit they laid down, an exclusive airing of 2Tall's brand new track "Growth 2" and a track made especially for Turntable Radio - "Superdoodle". Also on the show tonight we have music from SamSaScratch, Stylewarz, DJ Craze and the 2002 World Series-winning set from DJ Vajra of the Platter Pirates. Definitely one not to miss!


Show #16 - aired 19th January 2003
This week we step back with more never-before-aired tracks and sessions than ever, from various tablists across the world including Scarfade, Timestretch and Marvel in the UK, Manic Store in Japan, DJ Joolz in Germany and much, much more. To celebrate the release of the awesome "History of the Hip Hop DJ vol. 1" CD we are also doing a "super old skool" triple threat of cuts, harking back to 1982, 83 and 84 respectively with tracks from World Famous Supreme Team, Uncle Jamms Army and Knights of the Turntables. Nostalgic stuff - make no mistake! We are also proud to air in full the mighty battle between DJs M-Tech and Netik at last years ITFs. The pedigree of both these guys is ridiculously high, thus guaranteeing this to be some stunning audio. A head to head battle, it demonstrates all the things we love about these contests. So, sit back get comfortable and crank the stereo up LOUD, cuz this is one show you do not want to miss...


Show #15 - aired 12th January 2003
This week we continue our look at the mixtape scene by celebrating the work of the Bay Area's seminal crew the Bullet Proof Space Travellers. Comprising Eddie Def, Marz, Quest and Cue, these guys are arguable the most prolific crew out there, churning out more mixtapes than most, not to mention dropping sick battle weapons and releasing their devastating "Built To Last" LP. Throwing trends and conformity to the wind, they have mashed up metal, cut up over Nirvana, appeared live in avant-garde Shakespeare productions and generally secured their place in history as the fuck you heroes of turntablism. Strap on your seatbelts people: its gonna be a wild ride...


Show #14 - aired 5th January 2003
Turntable Radio is taking a 2 week break to prepare new shows for 2003 and generally get a rest from the weekly schedule. So, over the next 2 shows we will be looking at mixtapes, airing segments from our favourites out there. This week: the Invisibl Skratch Piklz special - we look back at the seminal mixtapes dropped by the members of the ISP's, and air 30 minute excerpts from Q-Bert's "Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Music", Mixmaster Mike's "Rescue 916" and Shortkut's "Rekonstructed Elements". All are classics: mixtapes that we remember as being a prime factor in getting us all hooked on turntablism in the first place. Heard them before? Well listen once again and join us in getting all nostalgic for great days... Not heard them before? We envy you - you're in for the mother of all treats!


Show #13 - aired 29th December 2002
This week on Turntable Radio we take a look back over our first 12 shows and the music of 2002. I have selected my favourite unreleased tracks of the year (with music from the likes of PrimHero & Mart-1, Waxfactor, B-Roc and SamSaScratch), and we also look back at the highlights of our shows to date - including the D-Styles interview and the Hip Hop Slam special. Add to that a rare recording of the Birdy Nam Nam DMC-winning set (courtesy of DJ Need), a trio of tracks from the UK's rising star DJ 2Tall and a look back to the spectacular music from France and Germany, not to mention a brace of DJ Happee tracks and you have one show not to be missed.


Show #12 - aired 22nd December 2002
This week we have a VERY special show lined up for you all as our Christmas treat for turntablist fans the world over. DJ Happee has recorded a track EXCLUSIVELY for us, and thus this will be a world first airing, just for TTR listeners! We also have 10 or so live freestyles, routines and more that were recorded at last week's Snatchcon Christmas Party here in London at the Ruby Lounge. Stepping up to the plate are: DJ Whut, DJ 2Tall, DJ Blakey (individually and collectively as Truesicians), DJ Clockwork and DJ Sneakee. Expect sick juggles, snippets from battles sets, one-take freestyle cuts and a lot more! On top of this we have never-aired-before tracks from the incredible Ground Zero crew from Germany, who drop their "Panphobia" track, and DJ Mart-1 from the Turntabl Spirits in France, repping with his "Feel The Bass" track. To keep everyone in high Christmas spirits we're also gonna be dropping a selection of tracks that keep the tempo up and the beats hard. This show is one to play loud!.


Show #11 - aired 15th December 2002
This week on Turntable Radio we have decided to take a break from our regular format to take a look at the mix output of the mighty 1200 Hobos crew. Always better known as a crew for their mixtapes more than their musical output, the Hobos have consistently delivered some of the most original mix works, and have led the way in making mixtapes more than a clever segue of dope hip hop tracks. Their application of turntablism to mixes has led to releases that utilise records, but with such depth that they create a new artform. So, to honour the Hobos and to illustrate just how dope they are, we will be airing 3 25-30 minute examples of their finest works - which also demonstrate the creative diversity of the crew. First up will be DJ Signify, with an excerpt from his "Mixed Messages" mixtape. Following that will be the much sought-after "Abduction of the Times 6.66" mix from Mr Dibbs, and we close with a real rarity - and an absolute classic: "Sunshine Ambassador" by the highly elusive Marcus B.


Show #10 - aired 8th December 2002
This week: a spotlight on the French turntablist scene, with tracks from DJ Pone & Crazy B, DJ Mouss and SamSaScratch. On top of this we have a "Very Metal" Triple Threat - 3 tracks (courtesy of Revolution, Dibbs and Z-Trip) that all draw samples from the world of metal and rock music. We also have our newest contest to win a copy of Monoxide's dope "Afternoon Tea Breaks" battle weapon (for more info, click here). Also, news on our two Christmas specials, and music from DJ Ragz, T-Rock, DJ Noize, Plagiawrists, Babu & Rhettmatic, Craze, Kid Koala and more...


Show #9 - aired 1st December 2002
This week: new track from Mr Dibbs (from his new Outreach 5 EP), the Beat Junkies live appearance @ DMC 2002, Animal Crackers, DJ DQ, an excerpt from the Bullet Proof Space Travellers "Space Travelling 101" mix, Roli Rho live, Noisy Stylus, Disco Ducks and much more... See playlist for complete info.

Show #8 - aired 24th November 2002
The Hip Hop Slam "Scratch Attack" Special! Recorded out in the Bay Area, this is a one-off special brought to you courtesy of Billy Jam and co... and this is truly something incredible: 25 tracks and sets on the show, and only 6 have been previously heard. Included are: the brand new Q-Bert track "Turbo Paw Platoon", unreleased tracks from the forthcoming Alien Army LP "The End", tracks from Marvel and Haste of the UK's Wristerons... not to mention live cuts from the likes of DJ Pone (89 Skratch Gangstaz), DJ Cutso (Fingerbangerz) and DJ Spair (Oakland Faders).
Not to be missed people! Our thanks go out to Billy Jam for organising and recording this special. Be sure to look out for "Scratch Attack 2" hitting the shops this December, and keep 'em peeled for the Alien Army LP "The End", coming early 2003!


Show #7 - aired 17th November 2002
On this show we looked at the turntablists who are releasing more melodic, less cut-focused music with tracks from DJ Mayonnaise, Sixtoo and Presage. Also featured: a pair of mellow, chilled tablist tracks courtesy of The Handroidz and DJ 2Tall, plus tracks from Krash Slaughta, JS-1 and Ody Roc, Zak from Alien Army, DJ Hype, Mike Hektik and Chill Shorty, DJ Pone (France) and much more... See playlist for full info!


Show # 6 - aired 10th November 2002
A look at the German tablist scene, with tracks from Noisy Stylus, Ground Zero and Dj Stylewarz feat. M-Tech, along with our nod to the old skool skratch cuts, with tracks from Jazzy Jeff, Revolution and Magic Mike. Plus music from Shiro, Apollo, Toadstyle, Mike C, Faust - and an airing of the now legendary battle between Rob Swift and Rahzel!


Show # 5 - aired 3rd November 2002
Music from Muzik Fiendz, Illtaktikz, Infamous, Nyquist, Kid Koala, Rob Swift & Bill Laswell and more, plus a look at the new Thud Rumble "Turntable Timmy" book & CD. We also have our Eddie Def contest and news on the super-special Bay Area "Scratch Attack" show coming soon!


Show # 4 - aired 27th October 2002
2 exclusive tracks from Rob Swift's new Sound Event LP, plus music from Danny Break
s, PB Wolf feat. Babu & J-Rocc, DJ Talkback, Waxfactor, DJ Faust, Mista Ed and more - see playlist for full info.


Show # 3 - aired 20th October 2002
Tracks from: Dee Swift, Praxis, Kid Koala, Toadstyle, Rob Swift, Turntable Monks, Space Travellers, Praxis, Mr Dibbs, Troubled Soul and more - see playlist for full info.


Show # 2 - aired 13th October 2002
Interview with D-Styles and Shortkut, plus 2 exclusive tracks from D-Styles' new LP "Phantazmagorea". Also World Exclusive airing of DJ 2Tall's brand new track "The Rise", featuring DJ Blakey. Music from Q-Bert, Fingerbangerz, DJ Giant, DJ Noize and more - see playlist for full info


Show # 1- aired 6th October 2002
Interview with DJ 2Tall, plus 2 exclusive tracks from 2Tall's' forthcoming LP "Learning Curve". Music from D-Styles, DJ Quest, Rob Swift and Bob James, Waxfactor and more - see playlist for full info